Duke University Golf Club



“I was blown away at the outcome after having Flat Paths out.  Cartpaths have been an Achilles heel at DUGC for many years and truly took away from our members and guest experience.  We have not only extended the lifetime of the cartpaths themselves but also our maintenance equipment and golf cart fleet.  My only regret is not hearing about Todd’s service sooner.”

Sadler Stowe

Golf Course Superintendent

Chenal Country Club


For years our bumpy and rough cart paths had been a sore subject with the members and detracted from high level of maintenance that they have come to expect on the course.   Flatpaths did in short few days what we have been trying to accomplish for years.  Now, we have enhanced both the golf course experience, and saved time, money and headaches.  Plus our members, equipment and our backs feel so much better.  Thanks for saving us FlatPaths! 

Jed Spencer

Golf Course Superintendent

Michelbook G & CC



“Flatpaths offers a very budget friendly alternative to golf course cart path renovation.  The project was completed quickly with little disturbance to play on the course, and the bottom line was that the members were very happy with the results.” 

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Why wouldn't you use them?

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Our carts don't slide anymore!!

More to come


My back feels so much better, and no more spilled beer!!