why you might need us...


Bump Removal

Tree roots cause havoc on all paths, asphalt or concrete paths. One of 2 things happen, they move laterally across the path creating 'speed bumps', or they start shooting up creating 'volcanoes'. Uneven paths can cause:      * Upset or uncomfortable members or patrons     * Impact breakage to machinery or carts     * General poor image of golf course     * Damage to turf due to driving on grass to avoid bumps     * Ruined beverages on drink carts and spills on patrons carts


Adding Traction to Slippery Paths

Patron carts and maintenance vehicles slip, slid and potentially crash on steep slopes if there is a lack of traction. Maintenance vehicles sometimes cannot climb up hills while carrying large loads or trailers, causing employees to back or slid down hills creating dangerous situations.  


For asphalt work we charge a flat rate of $250 per hour. Typically we can cover 6 to 9 holes per day on paths with average issues. Any jobs over 12 hours will receive  a 10% discount.