Got Bumps?

A New Solution to a Common Problem


Watch us blast out your bumps in ASPHALT or CONCRETE in record time, reducing them to powder and leaving a clean smooth surface!

See below for a more detailed video

Why You Might Need Us

Do you have issues with..

Bumps caused by Tree Roots?

Unlike your average grinder,the uniquely designed head on our machines gently removes the raised portion of asphalt or concrete. The removal typically gets with 1/8 of an inch of being level. It will likely be another 5-8 years before bumps start recurring.


Rarely is an overlay required as our process leaves a smooth clean surface

Slippery Paths?

Our machine is designed to alternate between simple smooth grinding and moving in a different direction to create a swirl pattern in the asphalt/concrete.  This pattern creates added traction to cart paths in places that may be difficult to climb when wet. 

We are a FRACTION of the time and cost

Compare the cost of using our method to the cost of ripping up and repaving and the math is simple.

We charge a flat rate of $1800 per 8 hour day. or $250 per hour for any jobs less than a full day. 


We are growing!  Unfortunately growth comes at a cost.  Our daily rate will increase to $1950 per day as of January 1st 2019. The good news is any work booked before January 1st, will only be charged the current rates.

We can typically cover 6 to 9 holes in an 8 hour period on paths with average issues.

Meet The Team

Todd Creighton

Owner/Operator of Flatpaths and the genius behind the technology


Tina Stevens

American Partner and Business Development

US 910 434 3351

Coming Soon!

We will be in the State of Florida during the Months of November and December and would be happy to stop by to take a look at your paths and provide you with a quote. No cost.  Call to book an appointment. 

910 434 3351

Contact Us

Most Inquiries are best answered by phone. Call us anytime!........US 910 434 3351/Canada 403 830 5959 .Prefer email? Please use the form below


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